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Vegetable protein, which is the best quality?

Among them, is the supposed poor quality of vegetable proteins. Read on jfrankhenderson website.
That’s not true. The vegetable protein is of very good quality, since it has a high bioavailability, although it needs to be supplemented with various vegetables and legumes. What does it mean to be of high quality and which one is the best?

Healthy Food

Keto chicken and avocado salad: healthy, easy and quick recipe

Ingredients For 1 person Cooked chicken breast150 g Small Avocado1 Green olives3 Eggs1 Extra virgin olive oil10 ml Salt How to make chicken and avocado keto salad Difficulty: Easy Total time18 m Elaboration10 m 8 m cooking To make this avocado chicken keto salad I used a cooked (boiled) chicken breast that I had from …