How to start training in the gym if you are a newbie: we accompany you in your first months of training

Among them, one of the star objectives is usually to start training in the gym to get fit; The problem is that when we are rookies in the gym, we don’t know very well where to start.

Therefore, to help you with these good purposes of the new course, we will accompany you in this adventure that involves starting to train in the gym. We will explain everything you have to know so you do not feel lost in the gym.

Start training in the gym

To help you start training in the gym, we will give you a training table that you will have available every two weeks on the web, always on Mondays first thing, so that you can organize the workouts of the week well.

We will begin, for the moment, with a full-body or full-body routine of three days of training per week. Each week of training we will give you the exercises you have to do and explain how many sets, repetitions and how much rest to perform to optimize the results.

We will change the routine every two weeks to vary the stimuli towards our muscles, and also learn how to perform different exercises correctly.

Training is not everything

In Vitónica we know that training is important, but it is not the only thing we should take care of when getting fit. In addition to the training routines in the gym, we will complement this information with other articles dedicated to sports nutrition, supplementation, rest, etc.

Motivation will also be part of this series of articles so that we do not have anyone left along the way and we can help you achieve objectives.

We hope that these articles are of help to all those who have decided to get in shape this course, we start on Monday, September 2!

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