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Apps For Sport Bicycle – How To Make It Stand Out From The Rest

You can’t run an app for sport bicycle without an internet connection. Your research could have taken you everywhere in the past two weeks and on top of that, it might take a few days for it to be approved. So how can you make your apps for sport bicycle stand out from the rest? …

Healthy Food

Vegetable protein, which is the best quality?

Among them, is the supposed poor quality of vegetable proteins. Read on jfrankhenderson website.
That’s not true. The vegetable protein is of very good quality, since it has a high bioavailability, although it needs to be supplemented with various vegetables and legumes. What does it mean to be of high quality and which one is the best?


This is what you have to keep in mind if you are going to buy kettlebells or kettlebells

There are numerous models, brands, weights, shapes and sizes in the market, so it can be difficult to buy one. In this article, we show you in what aspects you should look for not to fail when acquiring a kettlebell.  Material and coating The most used manufacturing materials in kettlebells are cast iron, rubber, PVC …


Squat squat or one leg to work buttocks and legs: how to progress properly to get it done

Although it is not a very common exercise for those who train conventionally in the gym, it may make sense that at least we are able to do them if we want to train our lower train and we do not have sports equipment to do it, since this exercise does not require A progression …


Losing fat and gaining muscle: how to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Losing fat and gaining muscle has always been the Holy Grail of the fitness world but is it possible to do it simultaneously through aerobic and anaerobic training?  Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? While it is true that metabolism is a continuous overlap of catabolic and anabolic …

Healthy Food

Keto chicken and avocado salad: healthy, easy and quick recipe

Ingredients For 1 person Cooked chicken breast150 g Small Avocado1 Green olives3 Eggs1 Extra virgin olive oil10 ml Salt How to make chicken and avocado keto salad Difficulty: Easy Total time18 m Elaboration10 m 8 m cooking To make this avocado chicken keto salad I used a cooked (boiled) chicken breast that I had from …


How to start training in the gym if you are a newbie: we accompany you in your first months of training

Among them, one of the star objectives is usually to start training in the gym to get fit; The problem is that when we are rookies in the gym, we don’t know very well where to start. Therefore, to help you with these good purposes of the new course, we will accompany you in this …


How to start running: we help you go from zero to five kilometers in eight weeks

And, as is tradition, here we are to help you out from the moment you go out the door until you complete your first five kilometers. Starting to run is not as easy as it seems: it is not just about putting on some sneakers and running around the nearest park. If we want to …