How many kilometers run a week to prepare a marathon?

The figure basically depends on our level of preparation. Thus, the amount of kilometers a rookie must train to finish a marathon is not the same as a runner who wants to get out of three hours.

In the following table, we will see the kilometers that are recommended to run per week according to the level, as well as the recommendation of mileage in the longest run and the time that is expected to be done in the test.

Weekly kilometers to train a marathon

ROOKIE30-50 kms15-20 kms+4 hours
MEANS, MEDIUM40-60 kms20-25 kms3h 30′-4h
MEDIUM-HIGH50-80 kms20-30 kms3h-3h 30 ‘
TALL80-100 kms25-35 kms-Three hours

The tables are purely indicative, many of these data may vary depending on how it evolves throughout the preparation of the marathon . It is simply to get an idea of ​​how many kilometers to run according to the level when we are preparing a marathon.

What is really interesting is how we qualitatively distribute those weekly kilometers to train: filming, series, slopes, fartlek … Which is really what will lead us to the goal: not how much to train, but how.

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