How to start running: we help you go from zero to five kilometers in eight weeks

And, as is tradition, here we are to help you out from the moment you go out the door until you complete your first five kilometers.

Starting to run is not as easy as it seems: it is not just about putting on some sneakers and running around the nearest park. If we want to do it well and without risk of injury, we will have to do it progressively, combining it with the walk and with other types of training.

That is why we will accompany you in this adventure that will take you to your first five kilometers (although we hope it does not stay there once we have achieved it). If you dare to take your first steps as a runner, we will start next week.

How we will organize the workouts to start running

This challenge is aimed at those people who have never tried to run, or who have left it within a few days of starting. The idea is to go from zero to run five kilometers at a quiet pace in the eight-week interval.

Every Sunday we will leave you on our website the training of the week, which will consist of three race days of no more than half an hour (walk and run the first days) and someday of strength training that you can do at home.

You can make these three days of the week every day you want (it doesn’t have to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday), but making sure you leave at least one day of rest between them.

We will organize the training by meters and kilometers (for example, run 500 meters and walk another 500), so you will need an activity bracelet that marks the meters you are traveling, a heart rate monitor, or a mobile application such as Runkeeper or Runtastic.

Running is not just running

Many times we have said that “running is not just running nutrition, rest, motivation or injury prevention are factors that influence us as runners, whether we are newbies or experts. That is why they will also be part of our training.

In addition to the weekly training routines, we will complement the challenge with information on all these topics, so that you can have a complete and global view of everything around you to start running.

Without more, this Sunday you will have available the first weekly training, so you can organize the week. We wait for you!

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