This is what you have to keep in mind if you are going to buy kettlebells or kettlebells

There are numerous models, brands, weights, shapes and sizes in the market, so it can be difficult to buy one. In this article, we show you in what aspects you should look for not to fail when acquiring a kettlebell. 

Material and coating

The most used manufacturing materials in kettlebells are cast iron, rubber, PVC and even sand and cement. Ideally, choose a resistant material that extends the life of the kettlebell. For this purpose, it is best to choose enameled iron kettlebells or with a vinyl coating that offers additional protection not only to the kettlebell but also to the surfaces on which we can rest or drop it. 

Size and weight

The size of the kettlebells is related to their weight although there may be especially dense models that look for the largest possible mass in the smallest possible size to fit specific characteristics or needs that can be sought for example in competition.

Ideally, you can try the kettlebell live and assess whether the size and weight distribution are right for you. If this possibility does not exist, you should be guided by recommendations and by the weight in kilos itself. It is better to start with little and add more weight kettlebells to your collection so you do not hinder your progression. 

Grip, design, and ergonomics

Much of the attention when designing a kettlebell revolves around the handle and how it is integrated into the body of the same. To evaluate this characteristic it is necessary to test them yourself. You can choose between a smooth or powder finish, which is known as powder coating, which is of higher quality. 

On the best handle design, it will depend on the use you are going to give to the kettlebells and the size of your hands. Do not choose some kettlebells in which you can only put one hand or that do not turn well inside the palm. If you cannot try them yourself and the economy is not a problem, choose competition kettlebells, because they are a safe bet.

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